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                         Finally after 2 years, we(i.e me and my office colleagues) decided to go on a trip. We started planning nearly a month back, lot of changes, obstacles, drop outs, etc etc. And we were steadfast in our resolve to go this time. We zeroed in on CHAIL...(thanks to Dinesh !!!) and started our journey in 3 cars. We had the initial hiccups but we were all able to reach a hotel near parwanoo on friday evening. We had a very good dinner and stayed overnight there.

Next day morning, we all had a good breakfast and started our upward climb and reached chail around 1pm in the afternoon. We had booked in Tarika's jungle retreat and the resort was awesome. Climate was cool and we literally used all the hotel facilities.
We played cricket, tennis, table tennis, volleyball, board games, video games, etc etc..And then all our usual stuff !!!!! We went for walking, joggers trail, visited Chail palace, Kali's temple and other nearby places....

Overall it was a very welcome change from the routine and everyone is charged up and WE ALL WANT TO GO AGAIN. Pictures speak a thousand words.....so stopping here, sit back and enjoy !!!

Our Next trip might be in November of 2011. Watch out !!!!
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