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Corruption & Lokpal

Vivek P

Vivek P

Date - 18th Aug 2011

This article is about the recent outcry relating to Corruption and introduction of Lokpal bill in parliament. I definitely want corruption to end but can we do that with this Lokpal bill. Do we really know what this is all about? We have other issues (like poverty, inequality) in this country as well but let's look at why corruption has taken centre stage now. India is growing at a fast pace and every country is now respecting India for her hunger for knowledge, culture, diversity, flexibility and the mass availability of educated younger generation. Our political parties, corporates and all big wigs have really forgotten about the people, true values, about India progressing and are bothered only about themselves. So corruption has reached himalayas and we all are now frustrated and happy that Team Anna made us all realize and brought this central theme into our focus. It took 64 years for us to atleast draft a lokpal bill and i should congratulate the Govt for atleast tabling a draft in parliament. Did any other political party even had the will to go about?

So why are we so frustrated with this now? Why is the Middle class raising their voice now? Why are the political parties, corporates, rich and very poor people not interested in this? What is the real motive for Anna hazare and team? Are they acting as good indian citizens or do they have an hidden agenda? Politicians are people's servants - Is that really true?? Why do Anna hazare and team not fight elections and run the govt rather than scoring brownie points sitting from outside??? Why did we not bring this lokpal bill in the last 64 years? Why did the JP Narayanan movement against corruption and inflation fail in 1975 and do we know our history? We have become more corrupt after that. Did anything change for the better? What is the fundamental problem and let's identify the actual root cause first?

So many questions and is LokPal bill the right answer ??? NO is my view but yes - we need to make a start somewhere. I have very strong views on this.

If corruption has to subside, everyone - i literally mean everyone has to change. i.e YOU HAVE TO CHANGE. CAN YOU?

1) Do you want a SUPER GOVT (Lokpal committee) above the GOVT and Judiciary?
2) Lokpal committee members are after all human beings. Are they demi gods that they will not make any mistakes or take bribes?
3) Parliament and constitution has to decide the fate of this bill and not a bunch of eminent citizens. They can discuss, debate in parliament and in front of all political parties - agree on a consensus approach.
4) Let Team Anna deliberate the lokpal bill in parliament in front of all political parties, let's get into an WIN WIN approach and let's be practical. Getting emotional is going to ruin this country and we are not like Libya, Tunisia or other countries where we have seen the public outcry consummate the government. We are far better than all the other countries, economically better and managing recession well. We are the cynosure of all other countries and getting emotional and destabilising our country at this point is not right for our future.

So What's NEXT and how do we clear the logjam ? If we let the fast go on and on, do we know what the end game is. Do you want another loksabha elections in this country and spend approx 1000cr Rupees to elect another political party in this market conditions? Will Team Anna stand for elections or will we get into this logjam again if another political party comes into power. Think long term and not emotionally.

Let the bill be discussed in parliament and govt has agreed for Team Anna to discuss/debate their views in front of all political parties and i am confident that a WIN WIN approach will be reached. This is just the first step but will be an important one. Let this first come out and we can slowly target others as well. Team Anna need to realize that they cannot impose their will atleast on ME and they do not represent ME. Having spoken to lot of eminent people and heard debates in TV, i am now confident that there are lot of people like me who want Team Anna and Govt to discuss/debate and agree on the consensus model. This is not the time to gain visibility and also not the time to destabilize the government.

Also please read the difference between Jan Lokpal draft (Team Anna's version) and Lokpal bill draft (Govt's version) in the link given below which will clear your thoughts.

1) Comparisons - http://ibnlive.in.com/news/compare-different-versions-of-the-lokpal-bill/172477-53.html
2) Govt's FULL Text - http://ibnlive.in.com/news/full-text-governments-lokpal-bill-draft/161466-53.html
3) Team Anna's FULL Text - http://ibnlive.in.com/news/full-text-civil-societys-lokpal-bill-draft/161451-53.html

What we need is a WIN-WIN scenario which benefits all of us and not the time to become emotional. Need to think calmly on all the different aspects (pros and cons) of this bill and take an informed decision. Pl do not get into the rumour mills/mongers and destabilize India when we are in a very strong position worldwide.

We all want to live a very very comfy life. And what are the daily issues in which we see corruption. Be it getting some work done in a govt organization, getting passport, driving licence, moving files from one desk to another, ration shops, registry offices, eductional sectors, getting favours, etc etc. In our day to day life, people from lowest strata of society till the top gives or takes bribe in one form or another. Can all this be stopped or even reduced by Lokpal bill?? We have some many judicial bodies, people who run business - do they all pay their tax on time? Do we know how much Black money is freely running in this country? EACH ONE OF US has to CHANGE and then only this rot will cease from our country. No Lokpal or any bill can save this country from corruption unless WE change.

If you are giving the reins to a person who's going to be our PM and whom we trust in him fully - then please do not bring him under Lokpal review. Let him be the supreme authority who should not be brought under this lokpal bill. No other country in this world have brought their PM or President under similar Lokpal bill. Because they know that this will not work and you cannot have a SUPER body managing the day to day affairs of running the country !!!

The reason is simple - You cannot have a SUPER GOVT sitting over the affairs of a normal Govt who run the day to day affairs of the country. The PM can be prosecuted once he demits office if he's found guilty. But we need to trust our PM as we have given him responsibility to lead the nation. That's a big task in itself and we should not doubt his character, sincerity and our trust in him.

All political parties, media want to just cash in on the popularity, high visibility - but please do consider our nation - INDIA. We are all Indians and we have a moral responsibility of doing the right things at the right time for our country. Pl do not blind yourselves to unwanted publicity, wrong decisions which will only last for few hours/days. This is not ever lasting and lets take one step at a time. Baby steps are critical and do not derail our growth by instigating rumours, reporting unconfirmed news, running fake opinion polls to boost TRP rating.


Thanks for reading this far.

Vivek P
Email: vivsum@vivsum.com

Ph: 9818378783

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  1. I have been thinking on the same terms. I am not quite sure of the means by which this is being achieved too. I have been thinking that if 3000 Kashmiris go and sit on Lal Chownk on hunger strike, and demand for ‘Right for Determination’ (1948 UN Resolution 47, Part III), is India ready to give that? And if we do, what if Kashmiris choose to be Pakistan, will India give Kashmir to Pakistan? If no, why, that was promised to the people of Kashmir and is their RIGHT. Just like a corruption free India is our right.
    I don’t know how to make government tough against corruption……but I do know how to make me tough against corruption. However, this way of achieving it, surely will give ideas to anyone and everyone. Hunger strike till death is considered suicide in many countries. Ironically, India cannot even refute THIS way.

  2. I completely agree. We will definitely overcome this as now people are awake !!! I would like to see the govt, Team Anna, other civil soceity groups (Aruna roy, others), eminent personalities from all walks of life incl judiciary, government bureacrats and all political parties to come together, discuss/debate in parliament and pass the best one which is acceptable to ALL. No one bill favouring one side can ever be passed. This is democracy and we have to live in a consensus world only.

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