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Friends vs Accomplices



Who is a Friend and Who is an accomplice? Do you know the difference between them? When i was 12 years old, i actually wanted to know the true meaning of this sentence "A friend in need is a friend indeed". I looked around and did not find anyone who would be with me in my difficult times. I did not have anyone whom i could share my thoughts, dreams, views, happiness and no comforting shoulders for me to rest when i needed them the most. And thats when HE showed me my best/true/close friend. I am not going to name him here because he's etched in me.

In all my harrowing times, he has helped me, given me his shoulders for me to rest on and i am always at peace when i speak to him. He's one friend who will give his life for me and even though we live apart - there's something which connects us and it is now around 25 years and still going strong.

I have had lot of accomplices in life who want to get some good things in life and they know i can help them achieve that. I have always tried to help them and i am happy doing that as i dont need anything from them. Because HE has given me everything i need. If these accomplices bring negative influences, then i build fences and stay away from them.

I have learnt to be patient, consensus and trying hard to forgive. Forgiving someone who has backstabbed you or trying to cause harm to you is very very difficult and i am practising that now. If i master this, i will be in a much better position.

There are lot of people who come in and go out of my life during this 37 years and some have made a huge differences in me.

I do need accomplices in Life but my meaning of FRIEND is different. I have very very few FRIENDS who believe in me, whom i believe in fully and we as a TEAM want to CHANGE THE WORLD.

I know the purpose of my Life and there are so many changes which i need to do in me. HE is showing me the way and i am just fulfilling HIS dreams as an obedient child.

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