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Inequality in India

Vivek P

Vivek P

I wanted to write this topic for a very very long time....and finally thanks to Sumathi for the lively discussion on this topic today morning which forced me to put my views here.

How many of you think that SOCIAL INEQUALITY is the major reason for India's troubles today? If yes, please read below.

India's strength lies in its culture, values, support system, perseverance and patience. With all this glory and to make India strong and flourish - we need to look at our fundamental root cause which is plaguing the nation. Corruption is definitely one small evil but is that the main one?

INEQUALITY needs to be addressed first which will eliminate the other evils - corruption, poverty, terrorism, etc etc. It is easy to pin the blame on any ruling party be at the centre or at the state for these issues. But if you sit back and think with a clear frame of mind, you will actually know that Caste'ism' created by us has further eroded our basic values, split the country into different sects, discrimination is at the highest order and this concerns me. And it should concern YOU as well. Why do we elect representatives who are given tickets based on their caste power? Why do we encourage Caste growth in our society? Are you not an Indian citizen first and last, are we not human beings and isn't our blood always red. So do not blame anyone else for this mess. BLAME YOU.

We have 2 india's today - Rich getting richer and Poor becoming more poorer. Why is this situation? Why is the discrimination so huge that you see prosperity in one part of the town (be it the growth of multiplexes, big buildings, malls, etc) and in another part - you see farmer's suicides. (clear example might be Nagpur in Maharashtra and Andhrapradesh). This SOCIAL INEQUALITY (unequal distribution of oppurtunites and wealth) for a big nation as ours is definitely not good for our country's long term security and stability.

This is the fundamental reason why we have so many terrorist attacks in our country. We are NOT doing anything to solve this main root cause and all of us (Private and public partnerships with Govt and politicians) need to come together to eradicate INEQUALITY from our society. So HOW CAN WE DO THIS???

My views in eradicating Inequality are given here..

1) Governments both at centre and states should join together with private-public partnerships to initiate this CHANGE.
2) Central Government should OWN this massive CHANGE AGENDA and force states to comply.
3) Bring the best brains in the country together, discuss and formulate the HIGH LEVEL CHANGE AGENDA which will bring a major impact to our nation.
4) CHANGE AGENDA should be to provide the basic amenities to people -
    a) EDUCATION to all,
    b) HEALTH Services to all,
    c) OPPURTUNITIES to all (training or jobs)
5) All corporates, business houses, civil society representatives, etc should NOT treat this as a philanthropic activity but do this honestly, directly for INDIA's growth at all levels. So CHANGE YOU.

This Change agenda will bring loads of benefits which will slowly eradicate inequality from our system.

a) More oppurtunities (better trainings for all, access to jobs for performers rather than recommendations!!!) for youth.(Idle's mind is devil's workshop !!)
b) Quality education will make us better INDIAN citizens and slowly change our caste'ist' attitudes.
c) Points a and b above will help us alleviate poverty, indiscrimination and create a stable, secure nation.
d) Improved Health services will bolster India's strength and push us towards a better future.

I am doing my bit at whatever small level i could do for my INDIA. How about YOU? When will YOU CHANGE?? Would appreciate your comments and if you are interested, do let me know and WE can join hands to make HER (India) SMILE WITH PRIDE.

Author : Vivek Padmanabhan
Date : 10th Sept 2011
Email : vivsum@hotmail.com or vivsum@vivsum.com

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