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Vivek P

Vivek P

Corruption is the HOT TOPIC today and i want to provide some insights into how we can root this corruption permanently from our system. Definitely interested in your views and feedback.

First of all - WE CAN ROOT OUT CORRUPTION and i am positive about that. I was speaking to one of my office colleagues and he mentioned about how these were negated in the developed countries 2 or 3 decades ago. So this is quite POSSIBLE and for that to happen, WE need to CHANGE.

CHANGING is not so EASY but also not difficult !!! I believe if we make the following changes, we will be able to root out corruption permanently from our system in next 5-10 years.

Who are these corrupt people and why do they bribe others?
We (you and me) are actually the corrupt people - it can be in the guise of businessmen, corporates, politicians, govt officials, judges, etc etc . Everyone gives or accepts bribes to get some benefit or the other.

How to root this corruption permanently?

1) Bring about the change in the educational sector first. Teach Moral values first to children and let them know how bad corruption is and what this could do to impair India's growth. If our next generation kids learn these basic things, I am confident that they will change for the better and become good citizens of India and also will request their parents to end corruption !!!

2) Fundamentally we need to relook at our constitutional laws which was framed back in 1950. It is definitely one of the best but times have changed and we need to bring stronger laws and strict discipline across all areas.

3) Why do traffic policeman, registrar, govt officials - peons, licence/passport/EPF authorities all take bribe? Are their salaries less ? Are they not middle class people and why torture fellow citizens by taking bribes? How can we help in curbing Inflation? Is it because of price rise, that everyone takes bribes. Do we need to review their salary structure? Easy answer is - everyone takes or gives bribes, so why do i need to be different. My answer to that is - Look at yourself first, CHANGE yourself first and remember John F Kennedy's words - : "Ask not what your country can do for you--ask what you can do for your country."

4) Do you think politicians are the main rootcause for corruption? You are wrong...look at who gets benefitted the most. It's the corportates, business people and it can be you and me. So why do they want to get the benefit? Because they want to beat competition, earn more money for themselves, their kids and their grandkids. If our laws were stricter (like the RTI or now the Lokpal), we could potentially reduce this sort of corruption at the highest level. This is just the start but a very good beginning. And we should always try to enhance/strengthen our existing laws and going through our parliament democracy and within our constitutional framework. And DO NOT GO BACK TO SLEEP.

5) Issues during Implementation of LAW - We all tend to forget all these good things after some time. You have the POWER to vote out any govt but do please GO and VOTE during election day. It's not a holiday for you to enjoy but to exercise your fundamental rights.

So why do we fail during implementation? Again it's down to us. You cannot implement a law if only few people are going to abide by that. Everyone of you has to CHANGE for the better. YOUR HELP is crucial for the govt to implement the law and your constant feedback / reporting problems will definitely make this work. RTI act is one of the strongest laws in our country and we will definitely have problems while implementing it or even after implementation. Some whistleblowers have lost their lives recently w.r.t backing RTI but do not be cowed down by all these negativities. RIGHT ALWAYS TRIUMPHS. Finally we are all human beings and we need to be smart enough to resolve these kind of issues.

There are lot of negative influences (both Internal and external) in our society who do not want to see INDIA prosper. We need to ward off all these evil designs and if the ultimate objective is to make our country free of corruption and if all of us believe in the CHANGE - then i am confident that we will be able to root this out thoroughly.

Thanks for reading this till now.....Any queries, you can drop an email to vivsum@hotmail.com or put your comments here.

Author -- Vivek Padmanabhan
Email -- vivsum@hotmail.com

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