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Vivek P

Vivek P

Who am I? What do i do? So if you are really interested to know more about me, read further...

Hi Friends - I am Vivek Padmanabhan, born and brought up in chennai, native of kerala, studied in Karnataka, worked all over the world in the IT industry and settled in Gurgaon for now!! I love driving cars, travelling, politics, programming and believe in myself. I think that i can bring a positive change in people and i have realized the importance of my life and working towards achieving my DREAMS.

I was always interested in giving back something to the community and helping others. I thought about this a lot as i felt that there is something in me which will enable others to change the way they live today. So i believed that i could "LEAD THE CHANGE" and striving hard to achieving this daily.
I have dedicated my site http://www.vivsum.com for the betterment of this community and like to share my thoughts/views/feedbacks/comments about all possible elements in Life which will benefit all sections of the society. I always remember Bill Gates words - "You can be born poor but if you die poor - then blame yourself for that". I do not want to die poor but i want to gain as much respect and admiration in the short period i have in this world.

I believe that CHANGE is the only way to bring massive improvements in everyone's life and i am aware how difficult is this for us to achieve. There are lot of high performers who have understood the meaning of change but there are atleast 95% of people who do not know this. And i want to help the 95% of people change the way they live. Working slowly towards this and even if i bring change to 1 person daily, i feel happy and contented.

Life is short and HE has sent all of us here to do something GOOD. We need to realize what that GOOD is, what the purpose of our Life is, How can we help others and finally how can we be a GOOD humanbeing and responsible citizen in this world.

So watch this space and read my different articles and share your thoughts as well. You can reach me through my website VIVSUM or email me at vivsum@vivsum.com or vivsum@hotmail.com.


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