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An UN-ASSUMING PIONEER & a fully Contented Man

That is what he is. Born on 14th Sept 1930, he came to chennai (then Madras) in 1951 and continues to serve the community around. Always clad is starchy white, he is seen walking every morning and every evening in Besant Nagar Beach for the past 40 years.

Gaining knowledge in all aspects of film-making under director K.Subrahmanyam, the father of S.I. film industry during 1952-62 gained experience in not only films but also in organizing and building up several activities for the benefit of society at large.

During this period, worked as Asst director for 2 feature films in Tamil (Andaman kaithi & Pandithevan) and 2 films in Kannada (Sthree Ratna & Kachadevagari)

Worked as Associate director for the documentary film on “Five year plan – achievements” for the Govt of India FILMS DIVISION and the one hour film on “Temples and festivals of TamilNadu”, covering almost all projects in all the districts.

Appointed District Representatives/Organizers in every district of Tamilnadu and in key districts of Karnataka, Kerala, Puduchery states, special morning shows of children’s films were held and no wonder, an envious record is created in benefiting over 1,80,00,000 (one crore eighty lakhs) children by 1998.

Pioneer promoter of child film movement in South India, he founded UNISO Enterprises in 1963, started exhibiting educational films exclusively for children, nearer their homes and in their mother tongue.

Enlightenment through Entertainment, the chosen motto, was his mission in life. Inaugural show was unique, held at then Balar Arangam on Republic day 26th Jan 1964, presided over and inaugurated by two tiny tots, in the presence of then governor & Chief Minister of Tamilnadu.

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